The archive of Luis Felipe Ortega is composed of particular interests, meetings and chances; it contains references and historical material of Mexican art, as well as the work of the artist from the late 1980s until today.

This archive gathers hemerographic and bibliographical material, photographic images, video in various formats, correspondence and other documents that attest the moment in which the artist begins his production, in addition, he discovers links between some of the actors that conformed a specific moment of the art in Mexico, the 1990s.

At a later moment, one can inquire into the changes and contributions that this generation made to the "new millennium", how some methods of teaching, production and diffusion of contemporary art in Mexico were formalized.

Under the understanding that the artist files may vary in their conformation, or that not all artists generate documentary files, and as a minimum proof of a personal process that becomes a collective knowledge, Luis Felipe Ortega decides to share a list of contents, In order to make available the material of the archive, by appointment and under a letter of motives.